Batista trains with former World champion Charlie Shepherd

Fes Batista has been training with former British and IBO World champion Charlie Shepherd in Carlisle. Shepherd had a reputation for being one of the hardest working boxers in the sport during his reign as champion. Batista was impressed when a friend suggested he should try and train with Shepherd whilst in the UK. He said “I want to surround myself with champions and there were no champions in my area so I tried Charlie and loved it. He pushed me hard we had great sparring and excellent conditioning work. I am very happy to have Charlie in my team. He will be my UK base and keep me sharp and in shape whenever I am in the UK. Charlie is a proven champion and one of the top young trainers in the sport”.

Batista is flying out to Canada and America to finalize deals and sign contracts. He will be back in Las Vegas working with his team for the debut in the coming months.


Fes Batista working hard with Charles Shepherd






Fes Batista throwing his power shots



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