Work and live in America with Placerec USA

One of Fes Batista’s passions is to travel and broaden his horizons. He has built up a global network and is always encouraging others to travel. One company he highly recommends is Placerec USA.
PlacerecUSA Ltd is an agency set up in 2011, dealing with paid work placements in the hotel and theme park industry of the following countries : USA, Australia, New Zealand, Portugal and Spain. PlaceRecUSA is in partnership with American sponsors, who have the links with various hotels and theme parks. These placements cover the following areas  : Front Office, Food and Beverage, Housekeeping and Recreation. They can vary from 12 months to just summer work.
The USA placements are open to students and graduates studying  Hospitality, Sports, Events, Culinary, Food and Beverage, Tourism, Recreation and Business Courses connected with Hospitality.
Placements in Australia and New Zealand are open to all students and graduates aged between 18-30 with relevant work experience.
Placements in Spain and Portugal are open to students and graduates, who possess intermediate level of Spanish or Portuguese.
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By fesbatista