World Boxing Council

jpseeeeIn March 2013 the president of the World Boxing Council Jose Sulaiman wrote a letter to Fes welcoming him into the World Boxing Council and making him a permanent honorary member of the organisation.

Fes has indicated that he will visit schools to help inspire youngsters to follow their dreams and eliminate racism and bullying at grassroot level upwards.

Fes has said “It is amazing to become part of the biggest boxing sanctioning body. The World Boxing Council are unique and I know that together with the message of my story and the messages of  World Boxing Cares as well as the Born This Way Foundation I know we can reach more people globally. Therefore creating a more tolerant and kinder world where bullying and racism is eliminated and dreams become a reality for aspiring youngsters”. Fes indicated that he will target schools, colleges and university’s  to help inspire youngsters to follow their dreams by using his unique story as an example.